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  • "Clearly Calendula Afternoon is a surprisingly sweet tea without any sugar or honey! Tasty hot, but my favorite way to drink it, especially in the Summer, is cold steeped and iced. Refreshing, energizing, and tasty!"


  • "As a busy nurse/parent, trying to stay hydrated and awake to get everything done, and trying to look my best and combat the 'maskne' i get from masking for 12 hour shifts, Clearly Calendula tea is my first choice. "


  • "I like to drink Clearly Calendula tea in the morning because it tastes great, gives me a lot of energy and helps keep my skin clear. "


  • "The three Clearly Calendula teas from BeauTeas are wonderful! I am amazed how much clearer my skin looks within a week of drinking the teas throughout my day."