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Certified Organic our teas are certified by the USDA

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What makes out organic skincare teas so effective at banishing breakouts? Glad you asked

Healing Superfoods

Beauty From Within

Simple Routine

Our teas are blended with powerful plants and herbs packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and nutrients that work to clear skin naturally The powerful nutrients in our teas are absorbed more effectively than topical products, working to improve the look and feel of your skin from the inside out. Say goodbye to that seven-step skincare routine! With BeauTeas, all it takes is one daily cup of delicious tea to reveal clear, glowing skin.

Happy Customers

  • "Clearly Calendula Afternoon is a surprisingly sweet tea without any sugar or honey! Tasty hot, but my favorite way to drink it, especially in the Summer, is cold steeped and iced. Refreshing, energizing, and tasty!"


  • "As a busy nurse/parent, trying to stay hydrated and awake to get everything done, and trying to look my best and combat the 'maskne' i get from masking for 12 hour shifts, Clearly Calendula tea is my first choice. "


  • "I like to drink Clearly Calendula tea in the morning because it tastes great, gives me a lot of energy and helps keep my skin clear. "


  • "The three Clearly Calendula teas from BeauTeas are wonderful! I am amazed how much clearer my skin looks within a week of drinking the teas throughout my day."