Are Your Teas Organic?

All of our teas are certified Organic by the USDA! We feel that organic ingredients are important for health and wellness and our planet.


Do Your Teas Have Caffeine?

Some of our blends have natural caffeine from the tea leaves.  Black tea based blends, like our Clearly Calendula Morning blend have approximately 40-50 mg of caffeine, which is about half that of a cup of coffee.  Green tea based blends, like our Clearly Calendula Afternoon blend have approximately 20-30 mg of caffeine.  Our herbal blends, like our Clearly Calendula Evening blend are caffeine free and an excellent choice for drinking before bed, or if you are avoiding caffeine.  Caffeine from tea often is absorbed more slowly than from coffee or energy drinks, due to the tannins in the tea (these tannins also have cancer fighting properties), so you tend to get less of a caffeine rush and crash, and more of a gradual energy that lasts longer.


Can I Drink Your Teas If I Am Pregnant?

Great question!  You should absolutely talk with your doctor about what is safe to eat and drink while pregnant.  In general pregnant people are advised to avoid consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine per day.  

The amazing Calendula Flower, used in our anti-acne teas, is something you should avoid if pregnant.  While there are no clear studies on it, there are concerns about Calendula and it is considered "Likely Unsafe" for pregnant people by the NIH.  


Are Your Teas Just For Women?

Not at all!  Anyone can enjoy our teas and get the benefits, regardless of age or gender.