The only thing better than drinking our tea, is drinking our tea every day!  In addition to tasting great, BeauTeas are functional teas.  This means that they are each carefully blended with ingredients designed to help your body in some way. 

Our organic herbs and flowers are much better for you than harsh chemicals, but they may take a little time to take effect.  We recommend drinking at least one cup of tea every day.  It's even better if you can drink several cups of tea, as you'll be getting more helpful plant based healing, and keeping hydrated.

To help encourage you to drink tea every day, we offer Subscriptions for all of our teas.  Picking a Subscription means you'll get your favorite tea delivered every month automatically.  To sweeten the (tea) pot, we offer a 10% Discount for Subscriptions.  

Save more money, drink more tea, be more healthy!

You can always change or cancel your subscription at anytime.  We don't believe in lock-in.