About Us

BeauTeas was created by blending a love of the beauty community with a love for nourishing the body (and soul) with all-natural organic plant-based goodness.  We believe that the best way to improve how your body looks and feels is through clean plant-based nutrition.  By blending organic flowers and powerful, healing herbs to make tasty hydrating teas, our products make it easy for anyone to improve their skin and appearance without slathering on harsh chemicals.

Our motto is Build Your Beauty From Within.  Trust us, we still love makeup, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens!  But regularly drinking our teas will give you healthy long term improvements that you'll appreciate every time you look in the mirror.

Our founder, Dana, has been passionate about beauty and the beauty community since she was in her early teens.  She may have more palettes and brushes than she cares to admit:) After getting her culinary degree, working in Colorado's progressive food industry, and seeing what a difference  clean, organic, all-natural nutrition can make, she was inspired to create BeauTeas.

Teas are the perfect way to bring the power of plants into our lives. Our BeauTeas blends are loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, catechins, and many more valuable natural compounds.  When you drink our tea, your body absorbs the good nutrients more effectively than nutrients it gets from vitamins or topical application.  Drinking tea also helps you stay hydrated, which is super important for everything from how your skin and hair look, to your energy levels, to the health of your organs including your brain!  

So join our BeauTeas Community, sip, relax, and enjoy feeling better and looking better. Build Your Beauty From Within!