5 Beauty Benefits of Staying Hydrated

5 Beauty Benefits of Staying Hydrated

  1. Urine will be dark yellow if you aren't getting enough water to keep your kidneys and other organs functioning properly.
  2. Drink other water based beverages.  Any water based beverage will up your intake, but some are better than others.  Infused water and organic tea are the optimal choices.  Tea will hydrate just like water, can be purchased with different flavor profiles, and offer additional antioxidants not found in water.  
  3. Carry a reusable water bottle.  This allows you to not only measure your fluid intake, it also lets you mix it up a bit, swapping a bottle of water with a bottle of iced green tea. Keep honoring Mother Nature by prioritzing reusable bottles, and not throwing away those plastic water bottles.
  4. Order the good stuff!  When you go out, you can switch out that high calorie soft drink, or highly caffeinated cup of coffee with a glass of water or cup of tea.  You will be hydrating yourself while secretly saving money.  
  5. Infuse.  If you are drinking water (or tea) try infusing with some fruit, herbs or even veggies.  Water with cucumber can be very refreshing.  A lemon slice in your tea can make a subtle change to the flavor.  Experiment to find the combination that you like the best.

 The Argument for Drinking Tea

Drinking more water will help you meet your hydration quota.  But sometimes, drinking that much water is hard for those of us who are just a bit resistant.  Drinking tea in addition to your regular water intake, will help you increase hydration and will do more than just replace the fluid that your body loses on a day-to-day basis.  It also contains antioxidants and flavenoids that help prevent cell damage and assist in keeping your cardiovascular system in top shape.  Antioxidants have cancer fighting properties as well.  So, not only can you live longer, you will look better doing it!


Tea is so versatile!  You can drink it hot or iced.  You can drink it sweetened or unsweetened.  You can choose green, black, and herbal teas in a huge variety of flavor profiles, each with their own set of health-improving properties.  



Staying hydrated is important to your overall health and beauty.  By drinking adequate amounts of fluids daily, you will improve your health and look beautiful doing it!