Top 10 Beauty Products for 2022

Trying out new and exciting beauty products is always an enjoyable experience. Year after year, new developments and research lead to some of the most innovative products the industry has ever seen. Today, we’re going to explore the top 10 beauty products for 2022, looking at some of the latest additions to the industry. 

Bronzer Sticks

For years, bronzer has been applied using a brush and palette. However, this new product is going to tear up the script and provide a better and more effective way of giving your face that bronzed look. Bronzer sticks - like these from Rare Beauty - are becoming increasingly popular as you can seamlessly apply and blend your bronzer without any brushes or palettes. These sticks work like lipstick, only for your face. This allows for more accuracy, a better blend, and an overall better look. 

Retinol serums and creams

Retinol is part of the vitamin A family, and it has a range of uses for your general skin health. It’s believed that adding retinol to your skincare routine can help to smooth imperfections and make your skin look younger and healthier. Retinol helps to stimulate collagen production, and it can be absorbed through the skin barrier. Therefore, retinol serums and creams are some of the top beauty products 2022 has to offer. Beauty companies now realize that applying serums with collagen in them will do nothing as the collagen protein molecule is very large and can’t be absorbed into the skin. Instead, if you use products with retinol, vitamin A gets absorbed, which encourages collagen production!

CBD skincare

CBD is a growing market, and it’s starting to weave its way into the beauty industry. In recent months, we’ve seen a plethora of amazing CBD skincare products that are swiftly rising in popularity. Brands like Fitish have a variety of products that use CBD as an active ingredient to help soothe, nourish, and heal the skin. This includes facial cleansers, as well as serums and creams for different skin types. As the CBD trend continues to flourish, you may want to consider getting your hands on some of these beauty products. 

Exfoliating masks

Exfoliation is a fantastic way to unblock pores and rid your skin of dead cells and dirt. While exfoliating face washes are already popular, 2022 will see the rise of the exfoliating mask. We recently found a great product that’s effective, well reviewed and highly sought-after. We love the new Dior Prestige Le Sucre De Gommage. This is a scrub that’s enriched with micro-nutrients and can be applied to the face. As the scrub sits there, it forms into a mask that can settle and infuse the skin. When the mask is peeled off, your skin will look and feel super soft, your pores will be smaller, and your face will have a natural glow. Of course, other exfoliating masks exist, but this is one of the best. 

Revitalizing lip and cheek balm

Specifically, we’re looking at the new collection from CHANEL. It’s the biggest launch from this luxury beauty brand to date, and the No1 DE CHANEL features a whole host of skincare and makeup products. Specifically, the lip and cheek balm is one to watch. It’s enriched with a variety of natural ingredients to help your cheeks and lips accentuate their natural shade and feel hydrated. Feel free to browse the rest of the collection, but this is the crème de la crème.

Liquid liner

More and more beauty companies are starting to release liquid eyeliner products. However, the new NARS Climax Liquid Liner is superior. The pen is very sharp-tipped, allowing for more accuracy than ever before. You can really create the perfect flicks with this liner, and there’s a whole palette of colors to choose from. Plus, it’s waterproof, and gives you up to 16 hours of wear - what more could you want?

Hair thickening treatments

There’s been a boom in the hair-thickening industry, which might have coincided with the last couple of years causing most people to pull their hair out. Regardless, you should look to get your hands on some hair-thickening treatments in 2022. The science surrounding these products has improved over the years, with many of them targeting the hair’s natural growth system to spark regrowth and thicken up your scalp. 

Skin-perfecting foundation

We’ve known for a long time that applying a full-coverage foundation isn’t great for your skin. However, there’s a new product from bareMinerals that’s changing the game. The brand has released the barePRO 16Hr Skin-Perfecting Powder Foundation to rave reviews across the board. It’s sweat and humidity-resistant, lasts for 16 hours, and is full of active skincare ingredients that help nourish your skin. So, you get to wear foundation without feeling guilty about what it’s doing to your precious skin. 

Youthful eye cream

For many of us, our eye bags are the chief cause of concern. No matter how many hours of sleep we get each night, the bags are out in force the next morning. It leaves us feeling old and looking tired, which is a knock to our confidence. There are plenty of eye creams out there that claim to help with this, but a new one from Summer Fridays is getting a lot of attention at the start of 2022. It includes vitamin C and peptides, which help to brighten the eye area and get rid of puffiness and fine lines. Overall, it can revitalize your eyes after just a few uses, taking years off your face. 

Hyaluronic acid palette

New palette releases are always worth getting hyped for, and By Terry has really drummed up some excitement with the Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Palette. Four tinted powders are in the palette, giving a wonderful matte effect to your face. But, the best bit, is that it’s infused with hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin remains hydrated and healthy. 

There are so many fun and exciting beauty products to look forward to this year. Which one of these is your favorite, and how many do you plan to try?