7 Of Tea's Health Benefits for Women

7 Of Tea's Health Benefits for Women

If you think it can't get much better than cozying up in your favorite chair with a hot cup of tea, you are WRONG! Because  there is something even better than that!  It's knowing that that warm cup of tea in that soft easy chair is making you better!  Younger, sharper, healthier, and maybe even thinner!

Ssshhh....its not common knowledge yet, but the secret is out!  Drinking tea is actually good for you!  You can improve your body, your mind and even your soul by drinking tea daily.  Learning the components to tea is a great way to start.


Tea's Superpowers

Tea is derived from a shrub native to China and India.  Tea contains unique antioxidants called polyphenols, beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties that may help keep you healthy and protect against various diseases.   The combination of compounds in the structure of tea provide far-reaching health benefits.  With as few as 2-4 cups per day, you can affordably tap in to this health phenomenon.


The many health advantages to drinking tea are:


Boost Your Metabolism

Really?  Yep, you can shed some pounds just by sipping tea every day.  In a review of 15 studies,  researchers found that participants who drank two to six cups of tea per day had a lower body fat content than those who didn't.  That's because black, oolong, and green tea all contain polyphenols which have been shown to reduce body fat and increase calorie expenditure.   Tea, particularly green tea, has been praised for its ability to boost your metabolism, and science is now backing up those claims.  As well as boosting your metabolism, tea can also help stabilize your blood sugar so that you don't have those spikes in hunger, caused by low or high blood sugar levels.  


Improve Brain Health

There has been multiple studies on the correlation between tea drinking and brain health.  The National University of Singapore revealed that tea drinkers have better organized brain regions and cognitive abilities.  Other studies have taken it a step further and determined that simple tea drinking can lessen the occurrence of Alzheimer's Disease.  The caffeine and amino acids in tea also improve your focus and help you to think more clearly.  While drinking tea may not make you smarter, it can certainly help your brain to remain younger, stronger, and healthier for a longer period of time.  


Stronger Heart

You probably have heard that heart disease is a major problem for women.  In fact, more women die from heart disease and heart related illnesses than from any other cause in the United States.  One in five deaths of women in this country are attributed to heart disease.  So you know what foods to eat and what exercise to do.  But in addition to your healthy lifestyle, did you know that by drinking tea on a daily basis, you are strengthening you heart?  The same polyphenols that help boost your metabolism can improve your blood flow and decrease your risk of heart disease.  Tea can also improve your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.  


Fights Chronic Illnesses

Tea has many properties that naturally fight off illnesses and help you to recover more quickly.  Not only does a hot cup of tea feel good on your scratchy throat, the ingredients in a common tea plant fight off inflammation and illness.  Some arthritis sufferers claim that they find relief from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and reduce joint inflammation.   Other illnesses associated with aging are held off by the antioxidants found in tea. 


Beautiful, Youthful Skin

Want your skin to remain youthful and beautiful?  Ask any skin care professionals, and they will tell you hydration, hydration, hydration.  And what better way to hydrate than to drink tea?  In fact, the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry suggested that drinking the equivalent of five cups of green tea per day can supply your skin with detectable amounts of catechin, a flavonoid contained in the tea, known to fend off UVB damage.  You will get the same protection against sunburns from black tea as well.  Tea is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants that shield the skin from sun damage, wrinkles, and signs of aging.  Though drinking tea, doesn't exempt you from wearing sunscreen, it is a great tool to have to keep your skin young and beautiful.


Reduce Stress

Just taking a moment to enjoy a cup of tea, puts your mind and body at ease.  Part of that is because you slow your body and mind as you enjoy the tea.  The other reason is that the antioxidants found in tea have been shown to have a mood-lifting, calming effect when combined.  Sometimes tea drinking is thought of going hand in hand with meditation, and this could be because of these calming properties.  


Feel Younger

Drinking tea daily may not be a magic youth potion, but it can help to slow down the aging process.  Part of that can be attributed to tea's positive effect on stress reduction.  You also may feel and look younger because of the anti-oxidant properties that tea brings to the table.  As tea promotes your good health by helping you to maintain a healthy weight, acquire beautiful skin, and fight off disease that is associated with aging, you will find yourself looking and feeling younger than your chronological years.  



Tea drinking has many health benefits.  Some consider tea to be the sometimes forgotten super food.  Nearly every aspect of your health and appearance is positively impacted by the healing and rejuvenating powers of tea.  It complements your meals, hydrates your body, and relaxes you while keeping your brain sharp and your body strong.  If you have not committed to tea drinking, we suggest giving it a try.  At BeauTeas, we want to help you find your beauty good health.  Join us now on the path to finding your best self, from the inside out.